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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Wilson Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact the office if you have any questions.

Dr. Wilson

Davis Chiropractic Patient


“I had sciatica at an intolerable level. I could barely walk. After my spinal alignments and Dr. Wilson’s good advice, I am much better. I appreciate his professionalism and knowledge in these conditions. I also appreciate his willingness to show us how to self improve.”

Davis Chiropractic Patient


“Wonderful. Medical doctors haven’t been able to do anything for me. Slept all night after the first few visits. Had not been sleeping well for a month prior to Dr. Wilson’s care. The treatment has helped me much more than just taking away my pain. Feeling like a new man. Not so crabby. Just ask my wife! If you have pain in the spine or neck, go see Dr. Don”

Davis Chiropractic Patient


“I have been a physical education instructor and aerobics instructor since 1972. I was reduced to being a pretzel after two work injuries. I experienced pain daily. Dr. Wilson made me comfortable and assured me that chiropractic works. And it Did!”

Davis Chiropractic Patient


Getting up each morning to little or no back pain is such a blessing! Walks on the beach or rides are so much more enjoyable. Being able to do things with my two children is so important to me. Thank you Dr. Wilson.”

Davis Chiropractic Patient


“My husband was injured in an automobile crash and suffered three fractured vertebrae. He spent a year with physical therapy and orthopedists and became dependent on medications. The medicines interfered with his PhD work. When we finally saw , the improvement began. Now he is pain free.”

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