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About Wilson Chiropractic in Davis

Located in Davis since 1977, we have been delivering quality chiropractic care for over thirty years.

Chiropractic can be your key to health!

I was blessed with extended travel, adventure and a broad range of education. My education reflects that being raised in a traveling military family, I attended my primary and middle schools in places ranging from Cape Canaveral, Florida; Tripoli, Lybia; Athens, Greece; Fort Walton Beach, FL; Edwards AFB, Ca. and Albrook AFB, Canal Zone. I completed high school at Balboa High School, Canal Zone in 1969. While in Panama, I attended one year at the Canal Zone College and then another at Solano College in Fairfield, Ca where I received my AA degree.

Interested in Biological Sciences, and being impressed by my family’s positive Chiropractic experiences, it was not long before I enrolled in Chiropractic college for four more years, graduating with my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1976.

I enjoy tackling difficult cases, especially those who suffer chronic pain, those who have failed under the traditional medical model, and those who find remarkable relief and recovery through Chiropractic.

I love the fact that Chiropractic care is infinitely safe. Many find it enlightening to learn that medical doctors pay multiple times more for the same level of malpractice insurance coverage compared to what Chiropractors pay.

I believe that it is important that you know that Chiropractic care is one of the safest forms of medical care.

Do you think that Chiropractors would be allowed to pay a fraction (say a tenth the cost) that Medical Doctors must pay for the same coverage if Chiropractors were high risk?

Why is that?

If a patient were harmed by a Chiropractor, helicopters fly over. It makes news because it is so rare! Not so with modern medicine. Serious side effects and harm are commonplace with drugs and surgery, and modern medicine is often inherently invasive.

While on this subject, from time to time, our competitors (yes medical doctors can be jealous) raise the issue that Chiropractic causes “stroke” and they at times will warn patients that they should be concerned about having Chiropractors adjust the vertebrae in the neck region.

  1. Let’s go back to our insurance rates. Do you believe that if there was “real” risk that Chiropractic causes stroke or any other serious malady, do you think that our rates would be a tenth of medical doctors rates? I think not.
  2. Out of curiosity, tiring of the slander, I thought to myself, where on the list of causes of stroke does the “American Stroke Association” place Chiropractic? Do you find it telling that Chiropractic care is not on even their list as a cause of stroke!

So is there a place for modern medicine? Of course there is. Bad things happen and acute problems need to be attended to, and modern medicine is good at that.

However, when it comes to “wellness care” and lifestyle, modern medicine lags. Modern medicine has a drug for every thing and every condition and them some. And when those medications show side effects, they have another medication for those, with all their ill effects.

Just read the warning inserts and labels. You will probably think twice about taking them next time. If you do decide to reduce or stop medications, talk with your doctor first. He is responsible to help you to find a better, healthier way.

Chiropractic is as natural as water flowing down a stream. Chiropractors remove interference in the Central Nervous System so that the cells, tissues, organs and systems which depend up those nerves can properly function.

All cells depend upon a fully functioning Central Nervous System to properly flow.

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