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Regular Visits at Wilson Chiropractic

Adjusting tableRegular chiropractic visits average thirty minutes time.

Chiropractic visits at Wilson Chiropractic logically involve combining elements of muscle work, spinal decompression, spinal adjusting, physio-therapies, exercise instruction and ergonomic instruction.

“MUSCLE WORK and FRICTION” because by reducing over-active, tight, stiff or constricted muscles, spinal motion is enhanced if not restored and spinal joint/nerve impingement is reduced. “FRICTION” because manually manipulating and working tissue enhances blood flow speeding healing.

“SPINAL DECOMPRESSION” because “COMPRESSION” is predictably central to spinal complaints. Gravity and time and injuries over time compress spinal segments leading to spinal degeneration, disc narrowing, disc bulging, arthrosis and stenosis. DECOMPRESSION addresses COMPRESSION improving spinal segmental integrity.

“SPINAL ADJUSTING” because when spinal segments are injured, those segments predictably react by “BINDING”, constricting or otherwise locking-up leading to impeded circulation (both vascular and CSF) and inflammation. SPINAL ADJUSTING essentially unlocks those locked segments restoring segmental motion, enhancing vascularization/ oxygenation of the segment, bringing on healing.

PHYSIO-THERAPIES because application of heat / cold/ mechanical stimulation disperse edema and inflammation while enhancing circulation leading to healing.

EXERCISE INSTRUCTION because activating relevant muscle groups addresses the MUSCLE COMPONENT of the problem by reviving disengaged and imbalanced muscle groups in addition to calming those which are contracted.

ERGONOMIC instruction because new and further injury can be allayed or avoided.

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